ask wv legislators to legalize PPAs

All West Virginians should have the right to choose where our electricity comes from. But state law forbids us from buying energy from renewable resources such as solar, wind, biomass and more. We can change this by urging our legislators to make on-site Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) legal.

The 2020 state legislative session is
just around the corner. Now is the time
to contact your legislator about legalizing
on-site PPAs in West Virginia!


On-site PPAs would allow West Virginia homeowners, businesses, and tax-exempt institutions to access affordable renewable energy with zero upfront cost, lower their electric bills from day one, avoid utility rate hikes, and stabilize their monthly budgets.

Legalizing on-site PPAs will create good local jobs, encourage homegrown entrepreneurship, and attract employers to locate and invest in West Virginia – all without raising utility rates or hiking taxes. 

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